Next-Generation Client, Task &
Time Management

ClientTickler's project and task management software for your Windows environment includes easy-to-use calendars, to-do lists, time tracking and team project management features that will take your business and client relationships to new heights.  Take a walk through the software highlights below and then View a Demo for more info.​

Unlimited, Customized Ticklers


ClientTickler replaces your analog tickler system with software that lets you create as many custom tickler types as you need for your business.  Each tickler is a task, activity, communication, request or any other action that you'd like ClientTickler to record and track for you.  Users also set up customized client types -- e.g. business, residential, partner, etc. -- which are used in combination with the ticklers to build a program in the software that is uniquely tailored to your workflow and business processes.

Create workflow templates that contain a set of tickler types and amount of time between tasks so that repeated processes are easy to apply to new prospects, clients or employees.  Edit and update ticklers in just one click so that you stay on top of details.

Create Unlimited Tickler Reminders

manage-tasks-clients-project-client-tickler manage-tasks-clients-project-client-tickler

Q. With what operating systems is ClientTickler compatible?

A. ClientTickler currently runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.  Unfortunately, ClientTickler is not natively compatible with Macintosh operating systems such as OSX.  Users who wish to purchase ClientTickler with a Mac are encouraged to use software such as Parallels  to create a virtual environment with which to run ClientTickler.

Daily Calendar with To-Do List and Tickler File

color-coded-calendar-electronic-tickler-system-clienttickler color-coded-calendar-electronic-tickler-system-clienttickler
A Daily Go-To Calendar


​The convenient side-by-side ticklers / calendaring screen displays your dates, clients, all open tickler items and staff assigned. See what's due today in one click with access to nearly everything in one view. No toggling between screens.  You can take action on tasks and email, create correspondence or follow-up by telephone with any client by clicking the scheduled tickler item.

The application allows the user to color code their tasks and clients so that visual cues help you delineate tasks for each client quickly and easily. 


Automatic Task Tracking Software

task-and-project-electronic-reminder task-and-project-electronic-reminder
Automated Processes & Tracking of
Client Tasks


Auto-daily tracking is incorporated into the calendaring screen. If a designated Task is not marked "completed" on its due date, ClientTickler will automatically enter the Incomplete task on the daily calendar for the next day, and daily thereafter highlighted in red, until the task is marked complete. Tasks cannot slip through the cracks with these automated reminders.

ClientTickler’s notification feature is an added measure of safety that will automatically notify the user or a supervisor by email that a task was not completed.  This keeps all necessary staff members aware of the timeline and provides coverage during busy or holiday periods. 


Track Time for Billing and Invoicing

track-time-for-invoices track-time-for-invoices
Easy & Accurate Reporting


Managing projects and tasks is easier when you're able to view the data in several different ways.  The reporting in ClientTickler gives you the ability to build summary reports of incomplete tasks, tasks by team member, tasks by due date, supervisory reports, and more. 

Use reports to track time spent for invoicing or documentation purposes.  Reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel or client contacts to Microsoft Outlook. 

Quality Communications & Marketing

Keep clients calm and in-the-know about their projects and progress right from within the ClientTickler application.  Send emails and create professional-looking correspondence that gets attention.  Add banner headers in your custom corporate design, or choose from ClientTickler's library of templates.  Create new documents or open files directly from your computer.  Attach documents to client accounts and tasks for inclusion in your project or as reminders. 

Marketing to your client base and prospects is seamless with ClientTickler.  Easily keep in touch with customers using life-event greetings for birthdays, anniversaries and the like.  Fire off quick "did you see this" messages to demonstrate your expertise and company accomplishments to prospects to engage them.

Customer Marketing and Email Communications

email-templates-for-legal-correspondence-legal-tickler-system email-templates-for-legal-correspondence-legal-tickler-system
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