What's a Tickler?

ClientTickler takes the simplicity of a paper tickler filing system and marries it with elegant, 21st century software technology to create customer-focused, proactive project management.​  The concept is simple:  keep all of your tasks, reminders, follow-ups, communication and tracking for each client in one date-driven application.  Open the same easy-to-access software each morning and know precisely what you or your team has to do that day.

ClientTickler is more than just a series of reminders.  It saves you time and resources by prompting you for valuable follow-up activities.  Your entire team can use templates to manage projects that are repeated, with milestones and reporting that can be reviewed by supervisors.  Visual reminders on your daily tickler keep you on top of even the most mundane details.

ClientTickler helps you manage your business better as well.  From employee onboarding to annual reviews, any series of tasks, dates, to-do's and reporting can be managed -- across teams and divisions -- with the software.

If client data and security are your priority, you'll note that ClientTickler resides locally on your machines and devices for individual user access.  The  multi-user version keeps a secure, shared database on your servers where you control access.  Legal, financial, personal and other critical data stays safe  and secure with your managed infrastructure.   

Tickler File System Cards

business-tickler-client-reminder-file-system-clienttickler business-tickler-client-reminder-file-system-clienttickler

“Back in the day, we used 4x6 index cards as 'ticklers.'  The method was fool proof.  Every day you knew exactly what was to be done next.  And you did it!”

Donna Gary
Founder, ClientTickler, Inc.

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