ClientTickler is the perfect software to keep track of your clients’ financial needs. Create task lists for quarterly deposits, tax returns and time to review financial data, so your client’s know nothing falls through the cracks. From commercial to personal, ClientTickler gives you the ability to track several projects for each client.
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ClientTickler replaces your sticky notes and trying to use your email software with an interactive “to-do” list. Manage multiple client matters, tasks, key due dates and deadlines. Corporate filings and statute of limitations will never be missed again! The unique command function enables proactive planning by asking you to replace a completed task with a new scheduled task. All tasks are saved by client for efficient file management. ​ The application allows the user to color code their tasks and clients so that visual cues help you delineate tasks for each client quickly and easily.
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ClientTickler’s interactive calendar will assist you in staying on top of your property lead requests, customer paperwork and more. With the ability to log in from home, office or on the road, you won’t miss a thing. The ease of assigning contacts to projects will allow you to communicate freely with your mortgage officer, inspectors and appraisers. Track new properties from listing to escrow with ClientTickler’s unique history log and command feature. Manage your business by customizing your tickler types to work the way you do!
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​“Can’t tell you what a useful tool ClientTickler is to our business. We have successfully transformed several “idle” prospects into high priority clients by just entering their info and following up when reminded by ClientTickler. Your program is a must have for any small business!”

Jamie Deonas, Business Owner

"I've been using ClientTickler for about two months. I love it!! It is easy to use, and the color coding of different activities makes it easy to tell at a glance what the pressing deadlines are. In addition, it makes me update the "tickler" each time an activity has been completed, so it is almost impossible for a client to "drop between the cracks" or for important deadlines to be missed. I highly recommend it!"​​​

Marilyn Strong, Paralegal

“Our office tested numerous tickler programs for our small law firm before finding ClientTickler. Hands down, it is the best by far. It is an invaluable tool for any business working with deadlines. Streamlined and user friendly, it is a definite must have!”

Sarah M. Stamm, FRP and John B. Rogers, Esq.

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